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Kid’s BMX bikes from The House can help you get your youngin’s started on a new passion. We have a wide selection of youth BMX bikes, with a variety of designs and age ranges to choose from, so you can find a bike that is perfect for the youngsters in your family. These BMX bikes feature smaller frames that range in size from 12” to 18”, and are designed with the freestyle geometry they need to tear up the park, pop some wheelies, and get some big air. The frames are built with an alloy or steel that provides all the strength they need for the rough and tumble style of BMX. The hardware is made from steel or aluminum alloy as well to ensure their bikes stay in excellent shape throughout the year. We also have bikes with push capabilities and training wheels for the youngest in your family. With all the brands you trust like Framed, Cult, Eastern and many more, you can be confident that they’ll be riding high-quality BMX bikes. Get them started today and shop our selection of kid’s BMX bikes, for a gift they will never forget.
GT Performer 18 Jr BMX Bike Kids
Size: 18in
$399.88 399.88
$425.00 (6% Off)
Framed Impact 16 BMX Bike Kids
Size: 16in
$112.07 112.07
$220.00 (49% Off)
SE Bronco 16 BMX Bike Kids
Size: 16in
$189.99 189.99
$289.99 (34% Off)
SE Bronco 12 BMX Bike Kids
Size: 12in
$169.78 169.78
$269.99 (37% Off)

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