Hiking backpacks are available at The House to help you bring all of your hiking essentials into the wilderness with ease. Featuring backpacks from reputable brands you know and love, these hiking backpacks come in various designs and sizes, with plenty of options to suit your backpacking needs. Our hiking backpacks are created with the finest fabric materials to provide a comfortable wear while you’re out hiking, with ergonomic designs that don’t hurt your shoulders over prolonged use. These hiking backpacks are offered in spacious sizes that will allow you to carry many items and provide you with your ideal carrying capacity for the best hiking experience possible. They also feature multiple pocket options for easy storage. Many of our hiking backpacks also feature waterproof exteriors to keep your possessions protected from any crazy weather. Gear up and get prepared for your next hiking trip with hiking backpacks from The House.
Size: 28L, 28l
From: $69.25 69.25 $98.95 (30% Off)
Size: 28L
From: $62.95 62.95 $90.00 (30% Off)

Size: 25L
From: $52.95 52.95 $129.95 (59% Off)
Size: 12L
$59.95 59.95 $80.00 (25% Off)
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