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Never Board Without a Helmet

The snowboard helmet shop at The House Outdoor Gear has a wide variety and a huge selection of snowboard helmets. Choose from brands like Anon, Bern, Head, Oakley, Smith and many more.

Protect your head in style while carving some lines on the slopes in one of our safe and stylish helmets that will be sure to suit all of your needs. has all of your helmet and other outdoor gear needs at great prices.

Anon Invert MIPS Snow Helmet
Size: Small, Large, X-Large, Medium
164.95 $164.95
Giro Strata MIPS Snow Helmet Womens
Size: Medium
$141.95 141.95
$220.00 (35% Off)
Anon Raider 3 Snow Helmet
Size: Large, Small, X-Large
$51.95 51.95
$79.95 (35% Off)
Anon Auburn MIPS Snow Helmet Womens
Size: Large, Small, Medium
164.95 $164.95
Oakley Mod 1 MIPS Snow Helmet
Size: X-Large, Medium, Small
130 $130.00
Anon Merak WaveCel Snow Helmet
Size: Small, Large, Medium
319.95 $319.95
Anon Rodan Snow Helmet
Size: Large, Medium, X-Large
139.95 $139.95
Oakley Mod 1 Snow Helmet
Size: Small
100 $100.00
Anon Echo BOA Snow Helmet w/ M3 Goggles w/ Spare Lens
$303.90 303.90
$384.90 (21% Off)
Anon Raider 3 Snow Helmet
Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
84.95 $84.95
Anon Invert MIPS Snow Helmet w/ Sync Goggle + Spare Lens
$323.95 323.95
$364.90 (11% Off)
Anon Rime 3 Snow Helmet w/ Tracker 2.0 Goggles Kids
$130.95 130.95
$144.90 (10% Off)

One of the most important factors when it comes to helmet safety is fit. An ill-fitting helmet won't provide adequate protection! On the other hand, nobody wants to wear a too-tight helmet all day. Check out our tips and tricks in "Finding Your Snowboard Helmet Size" to make sure you're getting the right size!

Just starting out on the slopes? Make sure to brush up on this snowboard essentials list.

Overwhelmed by all of your headgear choices? Our handy helmet buying guide is here to help.

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