Freemotion Single Ballast Bag 540lbs

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Freemotion Single Ballast Bag 540lbs

When you want to build up your expertise a Freemotion Single Ballast Bag 540lbs is an ultimate wake maker that lets you play or perform in the water to your heart's delight. The Ballast Bag is easy to operate and includes only one valve so you can empty and fill it from one place which is quicker than emptying or filling one from multiple valves. The Freemotion Ballast Bag has seams that have been welded electronically to create a stronger and tighter seal. Feel triumphant over the available tides by creating your own with this heavy duty ballast bag by Freemotion.

Product Details

Key Features of the Freemotion Single Ballast Bag 540lbs:
  • Heavy duty 30 gauge PVC
  • 50in length, 20in diamteter
  • Strong, electronically welded seams
  • One link valve for clean filling/draining - only will work with Freemotion and Straight Line pumps




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