Patagonia fleece is designed with the latest technology to create the most innovative designs that will keep you warm, comfortable, and stylish in even the most extreme temperatures. Their fleece is made from the highest quality materials and features the latest designs and styles, including both pullover and full zip fleece.

There are plenty of ways to beat the winter chill. You can snuggle under a blanket, cuddle, or even sit next to a crackling fire. But while great for knocking down the chill, none of those are viable methods if you like to be on the go and want to play. So, another way to get around Mother Nature's frigid temperatures is with Patagonia fleece. Patagonia is a company that has a history of outfitting those that seek adventure and like to have fun in the great outdoors. Patagonia is also a company that is very aware of the environmental impacts that manufacturing has on the planet and has made several strides in making their products eco-friendly so that when you put on a Patagonia fleece you know you're helping to protect the environment and save those mountain vistas, bubbling brooks and soaring hiking trails for generations to come. Using materials that are both comfortable and dependable makes the fleece something you enjoy wearing. Organic cotton, merino wool, recycled materials and reclaimed material are just some of the eco-friendly ways that Patagonia makes sure that its products can stand up to the elements and still keep manufacturing impacts to a minimum.