Dirt Jumper Bikes

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Shop dirt jumper bikes from The House so you can fly high, touch the sky, and maybe nail a can-can while you’re up there. For those looking to get your tires a little muddy, these dirt jumper bikes are a must-have. Each bike features an elongated freestyle geometry that is designed for soaring over jumps and handling the intense impact. The handlebars are set right at the top of the headset so you have a strong grip and reliable control at all times, while the seat positions the rider lower for powerful control. Each of these bikes’ frames is made from a durable aluminum alloy that keeps them lightweight without sacrificing strength. These bikes feature a single rear brake so you can confidently come to a stop when needed, but keeps this bike light by forgoing a front brake. All of the hardware on these bikes is super durable and made to survive the impact from jumps. From brands you know and trust like Airborne, Radio, and SE, you’re sure to be flying higher than ever.