Arbor Cruiser Skateboards

Arbor Cruiser Skateboards are in stock and ship out fast! Get in with the deals now though—these affordable boards are on their way to quickly selling out at The House Boardshop. For over a decade, Arbor has been on a roll in fusing innovation and affordability together to provide the best quality at the lowest prices. Arbor Cruiser Skateboards are a perfect example of that irresistible fusion. Find quality in value in your Arbor Cruiser Skateboards and purchase from us today! We’ll ship out within 24 hours, Monday-Friday.
Arbor Pocket Rocket Artist Cruiser Complete
Size: 27 x 7.75in
129.99 $129.99
Arbor Cucharon Solstice Cruiser Complete
Size: 32.375 x 8.75in
179.99 $179.99

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