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Founded in 2017, Chamonix was built on the ideal that quality product and accessible outdoor gear can be one in the same. With years of experience and relationships we set out to make gear more affordable to allow others to cross all barriers that lead to an active outdoor lifestyle. Whether it be snowboarding, outerwear, travel wear, bike gear, and/or accessories, our hope is to allow participants to stretch one's budget in pursuit of leading a more active, adventurous, and leisurely lifestyle.

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Premier materials, construction, and design make up the boards, boots, bindings. With a good, better, best ideal we start with a great product that comes with a more affordable price point lessening the barrier to entry for many. We step up from there with additional targeted materials to deliver more on slopes. Our pinnacle goods have proprietary designs, material, and purpose. We're always refining and designing to deliver premiere goods to market.

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Material, fit, and function are always on our mind. We work to deliver on all facets while working to keep goods accessible. Modern fits, fabrics, and tech help to deliver on the slopes and streets. From targeted insulation, 3 layers, and down pieces each offers the end user the necessary warmth and waterproofing to make the most of their outdoor experience.

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Welcome Jesse Paul!

We are truly excited to bring Jesse Paul into the fray at Chamonix as we develop and evolve our collection. Jesse fits who we are now and who we see ourselves as moving forward. With a successful career including 2016 Transworld Snowboarding's Rookie of the Year, 2017 Bronze in X games Real Snow, 2019 Hot Dogs and Handrails winner, and 2020's X games Gold Rail Jam winner to highlight some of his storied snowboard adventures. As well as parts for Working for the City 2, The Impaler, Reckless Abandon, Arcadia, VEER, and Sessions the Next Chapter. His on-snow credits are massive, but off snow Jesse's just as unique and passionate about many things- production, photography, healthy living, yoga, and skating. As he continues to build his Board Bag studios from a podcast to beyond, he's at a perfect moment to grow outside of these standards. We look forward to working together for an aligned future driving towards new chapters in our now shared story.

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We work to make our goods as responsibly as possible. Knowing we are always working to improve on all aspects of materials, process, energy use, and transportation efficiencies. Our factory uses Photovoltaic (solar power) energy to power presses, machineries, and facilities. Also we use wood suppliers which are FSC certificated. Water based inks are used on all sublimation, partially for silkscreen (specifically white inks) while we work toward 100% water based silkscreen inks. Also direct digital printing is using UV colors which have no solvents which is better for the environment. Lastly we use a percentage of base materials which use recycled materials. All this is an effort to lessen the impact and to act responsible to the best of our ability in order to lighten the load.

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