27.5 + Plus Bikes

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Shop 27.5+ Plus Bikes from The House tearing up mountain trails and rutty paths. These mountain bikes feature 27.5” tires that are great for either smaller riders or those who want a more playful and nimble ride on the trail. The rims on these bikes are made from carbon or alloy, providing a reliable ride that is comfortable, smooth and designed to last. Featuring carbon or alloy bike frames, these bikes are designed to absorb impact better than other frames without sacrificing the strength you need in a great mountain bike. All of the hardware on these mountain bikes is made for wild unkempt environments, ensuring that your ride stays in great shape for years to come. Framed is known for building high-quality bikes that perform unlike any other. However you like to ride, these 27.5” mountain bikes will have you forging new paths and conquering old ones.