BMX Wheels

Bike wheels from The House are great for adding some flair to your bike ride. Our wheels are offered in a variety of colors that make for a stylish addition to your bike. They are made with quality materials to provide you with a stable ride and make sure they are able to withstand high impacts. The durability of our bike wheels ensures that they’ll last you through many seasons so you can enjoy biking with them for many seasons. No matter if you’re just biking casually around your favorite local spot or training for a race across the state, these bike wheels offer versatile utility and are designed to help your bike operate efficiently. When you’re looking for stronger support, bike wheels from The House are a perfect choice.
Framed Team Front BMX Wheel 3/8in
Size: 20in x 22.9mm
$48.45 48.45
$54.95 (12% Off)
Framed Attack LTD Front Double Wall BMX Wheel 3/8in
Size: 20in x 18.5mm
$53.30 53.30
$59.95 (11% Off)

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