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BMX seats, seat posts and clamps available at The House today! Find a new BMX seat, post, and clamps and be sure to get back on your bike in comfort. We carry brands like Flybikes, Khe, and Odyssey. Flybikes is a pivotal style designed for men that are meant to be used on tripod posts. The bike seat and post combo is a lightweight option that is strong and reliable for a stable ride. The Odyssey bike seat is a rail style with a mid-size that is tear and scuff resistant. Maybe you already have a seat but need a seatpost, well The House has you covered on that too. Find bike seat posts from The Shadow Conspiracy as well as "Stolen". The Stolen is a pivotal slim seatpost that is 30% lighter than other Alloy posts that are currently on the market. The Shadow Conspiracy is a pivotal BMX style post. Find the perfect BMX seat, seat posts and clamps at The House.
SE Champ Clamp BMX Seat Clamp
Size: 31.8mm
From: $9.16 9.16
$11.99 (16% Off)

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