BMX Pedals

Bike pedals are available at The House to keep your feet comfortable while you ride. We have a wide variety of bike pedals available from the brands you know and love that are a great step up for quality bike riding. Our bike pedals are made with durable materials to make sure they are able to withstand any high impacts and prevent against any potential damage for a pedal that is sure to last you for many biking seasons. These pedals come in various styles and colors so you can be sure to find one that will complement your favorite bike frame and provide a sturdy foothold in order to add a higher quality feel to your ride. Bike pedals from The House are perfect for when you’re looking for a dependable addition to your bike.
Framed Team BMX Pedals
Size: 9/16in
$9.95 9.95
$14.95 (33% Off)
Stolen Thermalite BMX Pedals
Size: 9/16in
$13.95 13.95
$14.99 ()
SE 12 O'Clock Nylon Bike Pedals
Size: 9/16in
$17.95 17.95
$19.99 (10% Off)
Rant Trill BMX Pedals
$13.78 13.78
$14.99 ()
Fiction Mythos Bike Pedals
Size: 9/16in
$11.95 11.95
$12.99 ()
The Shadow Conspiracy Ravager Plastic Pedal
Size: 9/16in
$15.95 15.95
$17.99 (11% Off)

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