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Shop BMX bike parts from The House and build your ride the way you want it. Keep rolling with our wide selection of BMX wheels, tires and tubes. When you need to make a sudden stop, do so easily with a brand new pair of brake pads and levers. Ensure you always have a firm grip with a variety of BMX handlebars and bike grips.

Should the worst happen, we have tons of new BMX frames to choose from, as well as forks and suspension. All of our frames and forks are made from strong steel or aluminum alloy to ensure that your ride stays in one piece and keeps you riding for years to come. With a wide selection of BMX cranks, chains, cassettes and pedals, you’ll be able to reach high speeds and soaring heights. We carry all the brands you know and trust like Framed, Cult, Hoffman, Intense, Diatech, Odyssey and many more, so you can be confident in your ride. However you like to ride, The House has everything you need to keep your BMX bike in tip-top shape.


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