BMX Hubs

BMX hubs are designed to withstand shock during the course of riding, so their durability is a must. Also, in addition to BMX hubs, hub guards can also be installed to protect the nuts and bolts that connect the wheel to the fork. Not only are the hubs and guards made of special alloys, even the nuts and bolts are designed to withstand shocks.
FBM BMX Hub Guard
Size: 14mm
24.99 $24.99
Eastern Cone Nuts Front Pair
Size: 3/8in
$5.95 5.95
$10.99 (46% Off)
Rant Party Plastic Rear Hub Guard
$6.39 6.39
$6.99 ()
Rant Party On V2 Rear Hub Axle Nuts
Size: 14mm
$3.68 3.68
$3.99 ()

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