BMX Brakes & Brake Pads

BMX Brakes and Brake Pads at The House. Find a new set of BMX brakes and brake pads at The House today so you can hit the track tomorrow without a worry in the world other than beating the racer next to you. We carry brands such as Flybikes, Odyssey and Salt Plus. The House has u-brakes, BMX gyros, brake cables, brake pads, and u-brake inclusive kits. A couple of our u-brakes are universal and can be used either in the front or rear of the bike while the remaining u-breaks The House carries are used on the rear of the bike only. Purchase yourself a u-break kit that includes a one spring design, brake pads as well as a hinged medium lever. Replace your BMX brakes as well as your brake pads with new ones from The House.
Odyssey 1999 Brake/Lever Set
$15.95 15.95
$17.99 (11% Off)

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