Bike locks available at The House. You will find bike locks from brands like Abus, Blackburn, Kryptonite, MSW as well as Subrosa. We carry an array of bike lock styles. Find yourself a cable, chain, u-lock or maybe a u-lock hybrid bike lock to keep your ride in place and safe. We have either a key, integrated, double or a combination locking system. Maximum protection can be found in a majority of the heavy-duty protecting locks made of chain as well as a few u-shaped and u-shaped hybrid locks. Protect your bike when you have to leave locked up with a secure bike lock from The House.

From Kryptonite and OnGuard come the superior bike locks that everybody knows! From locking up your cruiser to your mountain bike, and even your street bike, these Bike locks will serve you well in ensuring your bike is not stolen. All of our U-locks have high security disc cylinders that prevent the picking of your bike lock. They are made of varying amounts of pure, hardened steel to ensure your bikes stay safe and your lock stays unbreakable! Our other locks include a lock and cable that is made with 100% steel wiring, and our chain lock, which has chain links made of 3T manganese steel! Make sure you also check out locks that have anti-theft insurance policies just in case something ever happens to your bike. If by some chance the thief does actually try to steal your bike, you’ll know that with these locks, it’s highly unlikely. You won't want to miss out on any of these hardwearing locks if you're buying bikes from us. You never know who might want to hop on your cool new bike and never come back.