Don't let sundown chase you indoors. Embrace the pleasure of a night ride by finding the right set of bike lights to help illuminate your path. Lights for bikes are an important safety feature for both you and the others sharing the evening. From headlight styles mounted to your handlebars to taillights on the back, bike lights will help keep you on course and make sure others notice your presence.
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You have headlights for your car. What makes you think you don't need a light on your bike? Bike lights have revolutionized safety—and no, it's not just like tying a flashlight on your handlebars (but even that is better than nothing!). Simply put, you always need to know your surroundings, but that's kind of hard to do in the dark. You need to see that stray cat in your path, the crack in the pavement -- whatever is heading your way. Modern bike lights are light-weight with long-lasting batteries and feature super bright LED lights with high visibility. Not only do you need to see, but you need to be seen! Other bike riders, vehicle drivers, and pedestrians alike have been caught up in an accident with an unseen cyclist in the night. Bike lights are typically easy to mount to your bike, and some are even have various modes and flash speeds! Get a bike light today. See and be seen!


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