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Pack Like a Pro with Snowboard Bags from The-House

Get your boards from A to Z without risking damage with a snowboard bag from The House. Each bag is made with durable fabric blends to ensure protection in transit. From simple designs to more sophisticated, functional options, we have what you need to transport your gear. We have all the brands you trust like Burton, Chamonix and Dakine. Stash your deck, store your bindings, pack your outerwear, and get shredding!

Burton Cinch Sack Snowboard Bag
Size: 172cm
$28.63 28.63
$59.95 (52% Off)
Ride Unforgiven Sleeve Snowboard Bag
Size: 157cm
39.95 $39.95
Burton Space Sack Snowboard Bag
Size: 166cm
$40.12 40.12
$69.95 (43% Off)
Dakine Pipe Snowboard Bag
Size: 157cm
$41.95 41.95
$55.00 (24% Off)
Dakine Pipe Snowboard Bag
Size: 148cm, 157cm, 165cm
$41.95 41.95
$55.00 (24% Off)
Dakine Freestyle Snowboard Bag
Size: 165cm
80 $80.00
K2 Padded Snowboard Bag
Size: 158cm, 168cm
99.95 $99.95

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