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Aerotech Vice Windsurf Sail



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Description: Aerotech Vice Windsurf Sail

The water is calling your name along with the Aerotech Vice windsurfing sail. The Vice is best suited for the intermediate or advanced windsurfer and is categorized as a wave and freeride sail. The sail was carefully designed to be ultra lightweight. The 4.5M size weighs in at around 5.3 pounds while the 5.5M size weighs in at about 5.7 pounds. The lightness is because of a sleek 3 and a half batten sail design meant to reduce weight and bulk. Contrary to the idea that 3 batten sails are too soft and flimsy, the Vice is actually one of the firmest, most responsive, and stable wave sails out on the market. Correct tuning of the sail, based on wind condition, and type of sailing, is required to maximize production. Once on the wave, the Vice is remarkably light and maneuverable in your grip. The Vice can generate a ton of power due to the x-ply 100% grid construction. Depowering the Vice is very controlled and easy along with it having a responsive and steady feel while in the air. Whether you are out shredding the swells or are just zipping around on the flat water, the Aerotech Vice windsurf sail is here to lift your windsurfing experience to new heights.

Size 4.5 5 5.5 6
Luff (cm) 360 376 395 415
Boom (cm) 175 165 180 195
Battens 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5
Cams 0 0 0 0
Mast 340/370 370 370 400
Weight (kg) 2.38 2.56 2.66 2.82