Shop 29” BMX bikes from The House for a smooth ride that still rips. When it comes to big BMX bikes, it’s go big or go home. Featuring larger frames with freestyle and cruiser geometry, these BMX bikes are perfect for those with bigger bones or those who just want to try something new. These bikes have 29” tires that are designed to take a beating and keep you rippin’, zippin’ and dippin’ all season long. Freestyle geometry is excellent for tricks and getting air, while more elongated cruiser geometry is great for a more casual ride around town. Each bike is built with durable hardware that is made to stay in great shape and withstand impact over time. We carry a variety of brands you know and love like Framed and SE so you always have a ride that you trust. Whether you’re new to the game or have been riding for years, you’re sure to find a ride you will love.