Unwind in relaxation on your Yoga SUP. Designed with perfect balance, grip and weight, these paddleboards are wide enough to support full yoga exercises. Imagine performing your exercises on the horizon as the soft waves rush past and the soft summer breeze glides across your skin discover a whole new perspective on peace and nature with Yoga SUPs. Order your new Yoga SUPs from The House today, and we'll ship them out to you with a full customer satisfaction guarantee.
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Size: 11ft
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Size: 10ft 6in
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If you love the outdoors, water, and yoga, you are bound to love Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga.  Besides taking your practice to a new level, SUP yoga will help you improve your balance, quiet your mind, and get in shape.  Best of all, it will allow you to see the water/world in a whole new way.

Whether it’s your first time on a board or you’re a seasoned veteran, Paddleboard Yoga will reinvigorate your senses and soul as the sensation of floating is one of the most relaxing activities on Mother Earth. When the water becomes your studio and the paddleboard becomes your mat, new challenges and benefits arise. Check out our Best Stand Up Paddleboards for yoga here.

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga – An infographic by the team at The-House

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Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga – An infographic by the team at The-House

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga Infographic – An infographic by the team at The-House
Paddleboarding and Yoga are both fantastic anaerobic exercises and excellent ways to lose weight, lower blood pressure, and decrease stress. Try SUP yoga today and discover how you can strengthen your body and relax your mind.


Why should you try Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga:

  • It’s a great workout
  • Reduces the incessant chatter of the mind
  • Boosts immune system
  • Refines your technique
  • Increase your balance.
  • Develops core musical groups
  • It’s a perfect training activity for Surfers, Skis, Snowboards and any outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Most of all IT’S FUN!

The worst that can happen is that you  fall in…

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Check out our Top 10 SUPs for Stand UP Paddleboard for Yoga.


What makes a Stand Up Paddleboard Good For Yoga?

Just about any Stand Up Paddleboard will work, although there are a few key characteristics that make some boards better than others. The ideal SUP for yoga should be wide, stable, and offer enough buoyancy to keep you afloat.

Here are the characteristics of a good Paddleboard for yoga:

  1. Should be stable (width of 30″+)
  2. Should buoyant enough for your weight
  3. Should have comfortable deck pad
  4. Should be in your price range

Along with a board you may also want to purchase additional gear: A paddle , PFD (my favorite is the Quiksilver SUP PFD) , Boardshorts or Wetsuit , and a Water Shirt that will dry fast and protect you from the suns harmful UV rays.

Best Stand Up Paddle boards for Yoga:

SurfTech Yogaversal Stand Up Paddleboard



$1199.00  SurfTec Yogaversal 

The SurfTech Yogaversal  is a great  board for all levels of yogis looking for a stable and durable board. So many Yogis were using Universals (as seen below) for classes and daily workouts Surftech is offering the Yogaversal. This board is 10”6″ x 31.8″ x 5″ and comes equipped with tie downs make it easy to secure a paddle or anchor off shore. The soft and durable deck pad provides a comfortable platform that any yogi will appreciate.


SurfTech Universal Stand Up Paddleboard


$959.95-999.95  SurfTec Universal 

The SurfTech Universal  is a great  board for beginners and intermediate riders looking for a stable and durable board. It’s three fin design provides the SUP with straight tracking through the water and allows the board to perform well in small surf. The High Volume design makes the board great for even the largest of riders. The soft and durable deck pad provides a comfortable platform for yoga.


 Surftech AirSUP Paddleboard


 $926.95 – The Inflatable Surftech Air SUP 

The Surftech Air Sup offers great stability at 33″ wide.   It has a Soft EVA traction pad which is a comfortable base for SUP Yoga.  Best of all, the AirSup is easy to inflate and easy to travel with, making it a perfect board to bring along on a hike, on a plane, or just to keep in the trunk of your car.


Bic Cross Adventure Paddleboard



$1299.95- Bic Cross SUP

Lightweight and Impact resistant the Bic Cross is an ideal all-around board for the whole family.  At 34″ wide, the board is very stable and with a volume of  260L this board can easily support the largest of Yoginis up 300lbs. The balanced rocker shape gives this SUP great handling in both flat water and surf.  Thanks to the full Eva Deck pad the Cross is also a great choice for families looking to SUP with their kids or pets.


Rave Flight Soft Top SUP



$899.95 – Surftech Gull Inflatable Paddleboard

The 31″ wide the Rave Flight is perfect for a begging paddler to a season vet.  With a soft top construction, this board is amazingly durable while remaining lightweight (24 lbs) alloying you so you can get in and out of the water easily with out worrying about dinging your gear.


Starboard Astro Whopper Inflatable SUP


$879.95 – Starboard Astro Whopper Inflatable

The Starboard Astro Whopper is the Swiss Army knife of inflatable SUP’s. With reinforced PVC-materials and a width of 35″ the Whopper is extremely strong and rigid, making  it perfect for yoga, flat water, whitewater and more. If you are not looking for an inflatable checkout the Whopper AST and Whopper ASAP (As Strong As Possible).



Surftech Generator Paddleboard


 $899-950 – Surftech Generator Paddleboard

The Surftech Generator offers a great blend of characteristics that make it a fabulous board for both surf and flat water. Its wide & thick design provides stability and buoyancy making it a great choice.  Another benefit of the Generator is the AST core which is a fused-cell EPS core, meaning it resists water absorption.


Imagine Surfer Paddleboard


 $599.95 – Imagine Surfer Paddleboard 

The New Imagine Surfer SUP is an ideal board for those looking to get in the sport. It is 34” wide which make it super stable and perfect for yoga. Though a bit heavier than others in it’s class, the Blow Molded Polyethylene provide the board with extreme durability, making it the ultimate do anything board. Whether you are borrowing it out to a friend or taking out for a little white water adventure you can rest assured that this board will stand up to just about anything.


When it comes to finding the Best Stand Up Paddleboard to suite your needs. You need to ask yourself a few question:

  • What else are you going to use the paddle board for?
    • Yoga, Surfing, Rivers, Fishing White Water, Races, Family fun, Windsurfing….
  • What’s the right size SUP for me?
    • You need to make sure the board can handle your weight
    • How much do you or your friends/family weigh?
  • How and where will you be  transporting and storing  your board?
    • Inflatable vs Rigid?
      • Inflatables – Rolls up, stows easily, fits in a trunk or closet and is small enough to be a check bag.
      • Rigid boards – offer increased performance yet are harder to transport and store.
  •  Whats my budget?
    • Paddleboarding can be expensive but so are gym memberships.

If you have any questions about finding the right size board feel free to give any our our knowable sales staff at 1-800-409-7669

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