Womens Burton Jeans & Pants

Womens Burton Jeans & Pants are available at the house; we have the biggest selection and lowest prices anywhere! From sweats to jeans to khaki capris, there's an endless selection of pants you can browse through all the while knowing you're going to find something made with top quality material and durability. We'll ship out your new Burton Jeans & Pants for Women within 24 hours of purchase, Monday-Friday.

Burton Jeans & Pants

Size: Small
Reg: $57.95 On Sale: $34.95
Size: 0, 1, 3, 5, 7
Reg: $73.95 On Sale: $47.95
Size: 4, 6, 8
Reg: $77.95 On Sale: $46.95
Size: 10, 14
Reg: $72.95 On Sale: $43.95
Size: 0, 8, 10, 14
Reg: $72.95 On Sale: $43.95
Size: 1, 3
Reg: $53.95 On Sale: $34.95
Size: 3
Reg: $53.95 On Sale: $34.95
Size: 6
Reg: $87.95 On Sale: $52.95
Size: 6
Reg: $87.95 On Sale: $52.95

Burton Snowboards History:

It was the 60's and Jake Burton Carpenter was one of thousands of kids to get hooked on the Snurfer, the first known form of modern snowboarding. While it may have been a toy, Jake saw the possibilities of doing something different. When he saw that no one was really doing anything to promote or improve the Snurfer, Jake began making and riding the first true snowboards. In 1977, the world's fist snowboard factory was begun in Londonerry, Vermont.

In the first few years, snowboarding struggled as a sport. Ski areas were reluctant to open up to snowboarders and Jake had to lobby hard to get some local areas to agree. The slow but sure opening of eastern ski areas led to growth for the sport and became a major factor in Burton's product innovation.

Burton is now the leader in snowboards and snowboarding equipment and apparel. It is the most sought after and prestigious brand on the slopes and is the ride of choice for many of the world's top snowboarders, including Olympic champion Shaun White. The Burton team doesn't just use the products they develop, they feel responsible for them. Burton innovation, quality, and that elusive "leadership” are what make Burton the premier snowboard brand that it is today.

Burton snowboard boots

incorporate the same ultra-modern design using the latest in materials and technology for the best control look and fit available. Burton Snowboarding boots are the critical link that translates the slight weight changes and pressures from your feet to the snowboard, thus making snowboarding the tremendously popular and fun sport that it is. Great advancements have been made in boot design and technology in the last decade. In particular, Speed Zone® lacing systems have become much more adaptive, resulting in super comfortable fits.

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