Connelly Water Skis

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Connelly Water Skis are in stock now and ship out faster then a gazelle on a treadmill. Connelly continue to be an innovative force in the progression of water sports. Their skis utilize technology that make water skiing a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. We have the best gear, at the best prices, all under one roof.

Connelly Water Skis 5 available

Size: 67in/L/XL (9-14)
Reg: $500.00 On Sale: $399.99
Size: 68in - X-Large (12-13)
Reg: $510.00 On Sale: $356.95
Size: 67in/L/XL (9-14)
Reg: $430.00 On Sale: $329.99
Size: 68in/Standard
Reg: $250.00 On Sale: $169.99