CWB Wakesurf Boards, Wakesurfers

Check out the big sale on CWB Wakesurf Boards. You could save over 15% off a CWB Wakesurf Board. With several board shapes, colors and measurements available, CWB Wakesurf Boards are decorated structures designed for an unforgettable adventure zipping on water. Purchase one today and we'll ship out your new CWB Wakesurf Board within 24 hours, Monday-Friday.

CWB Wakesurf Boards, Wakesurfers

Size: 4ft 8in
Reg: $600.00 On Sale: $419.95
Size: 4ft 8in
Reg: $350.00 On Sale: $249.99
Size: 5ft 1in
Reg: $550.00 On Sale: $359.95
Size: 5ft 3in
Reg: $400.00 On Sale: $299.99
Size: 4ft 9in
Reg: $500.00 On Sale: $399.99
A Word from CWB Wakeboards:
Thanks again for your support. Although cliche and over used, there is no better way to say it. The past twelve months have been crazy! We have had epic times on the water, in the pro shops and at demos this year more than ever. The buzz has been staggering. The 2006 collection rattled cages and we are stoked to top that for 07, bringing to market the best, most diverse wakeboard line ever. Creating a binding line that makes your ride easier and less stressful, while enhancing your on the water performance. Managing the best young pro team in the sport and freebasing Red Bull. These are the things that wake us up at 2am with that one idea. .the one idea that could change everything. Last year we changed everything, in 07. .

You are looking at the end result of ideas and products that have been in development for many years. From a wakeboard shape that has been copied more than any other, to a boot line that was the first to use Achilles pads and Lycra, to our progressive Hinge Tech, we are changing the sport of wakeboarding forever. Silencing the critics, most of who don't even ride. We hand to you the 07 wakeboard collection with the best board shapes, boots and accessories to fall into your boat. All of which are brainstormed, designed, tested and built by people who are the arteries of the CWB brand, our employees. No other brand can match our passion and drive to ride. No one. From customer service reps, outside reps, designers, product managers, factory workers, and shippers... the list goes on and on..

We are proud to deliver four new wakeboard shapes, six new boots, new ropes and handles, a new apparel line and some of the coolest accessories ever. Also, watch for our monthly contest that can land some of this stuff on your porch. Stay tuned to and to keep chin deep in the action. Be unique. Start the change and ride for fun on CWB. .
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