Protec Wakeboard Helmets

Make your head happy and safe today with one of our Protec Wakeboard Helmets. has the largest selection of wakeboard gear on the web for prices that are the most affordable around. Protec prides themselves on providing you the upmost safety when it comes to head protection, and along with comfort ability, their products are some of the highest quality around. We combine fast shipping with over 30 years of great prices, selection, and outstanding service.

Protec Wakeboard Helmets

Size: Medium, Large, X-Large
Our Price: $49.95
Pro-Tec Brand History:
PRO-TEC was founded in the early 70's around the same time that the first urethane skateboard wheels were introduced. For many reasons, this was a historically significant time in the evolution of skateboarding. These new wheels provided much better traction and speed and allowed skaters to push the difficulty of maneuvers to new levels. Bigger, faster and more technical tricks meant bigger consequences. PRO-TEC helmets were quickly adopted by the same pioneering skaters who were forming the foundation of modern skateboarding by riding transitions and vertical walls in the backyard pools of Southern California. It was this innovative and rebellious movement that came to define what PRO-TEC represents today. At a time well before mainstream society considered the board culture "extreme," PRO-TEC was equipping skaters with the same classic helmet styles that still define the PRO-TEC aesthetic.

With the most recognizable style of helmets, PRO-TEC designs have often been imitated, but never duplicated ... you cannot fake authenticity or manufacture heritage. Today, PRO-TEC provides innovative technology while still maintaining our classic style and providing the very best in protective equipment for skating, biking, snowboarding and wakeboarding.

PRO-TEC is the original action sports protective gear company and continues to support and protect riders around the world so they can keep innovating, expressing and progressing. Ride on.
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