Find the hottest Wakeboards for Women in our selection of Womens Wakeboard Packages! Included in your package will be a wakeboard and a pair of bindings so you get the ultimate set at the ultimate price. Order today and we'll ship out your new package within 24 hours of purchase, Monday-Friday.
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Size: 128cm/(One Size Fits All), 134cm/(One Size Fits All)
Reg: $340.00 On Sale: $299.99
Size: 131cm (4-8.5)
Reg: $520.00 On Sale: $367.95
Size: 132cm/(6-9)
Reg: $360.00 On Sale: $239.95
Size: 132cm/(6-9), 132cm/(9-11)
Reg: $360.00 On Sale: $209.99
Size: 134cm/(8-10.5)
Reg: $569.98 On Sale: $311.95
Size: 130cm/6-8.5, 130cm/8-10.5
Reg: $659.98 On Sale: $479.95