Womens O'Brien Wakeboards

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O'Brien Wakeboards

Size: 129cm
Reg: $480.00 On Sale: $311.95
Size: 129cm, 135cm
Reg: $480.00 On Sale: $311.95
Size: 129cm
Reg: $480.00 On Sale: $287.95
Size: 137cm
Reg: $240.00 On Sale: $143.95
About O'Brien Wakeboards:
Four Decades on name! Nothing says it better than that one line. For over 40 years of building products from waterskis to tubes to wakeboards, we have and will always be O'Brien. O'Brien is who we are and have been since our beginning. Other companies may have changed thier names to appear to be something that they may or may not be. We know who they are...we are O'BRIEN.

O'Brien makes innovative products that work on the water. The features on O'Brien products are not just another gimmick, whether it is the Aquatic Hook on their kneeboards, dual tunnels on their combo skis, or the Crook fins on their wakeboards. They all contribute to the proven performance of O'Brien products.

Whether you are a serious competitor with dreams of sponsorship or a weekend warrior, bottom line is you choose to get pulled behind the board because of the fun you have. Over the 40 plus years, the focus on making fun products has never left our thoughts.

O'Brien wakeboarding products are innovative, technologically advanced, and yes, most of all, fun.
(Taken from www.obrien.com)

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