Womens Gator Boards Wakeboards

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Gator Boards Wakeboards

Size: 136cm
Reg: $420.00 On Sale: $230.95
Size: 124cm, 132cm
Reg: $269.95 On Sale: $147.95
Size: 137cm
Reg: $269.95 On Sale: $147.95
Size: 124cm, 132cm
Reg: $269.95 On Sale: $147.95
Size: 132cm
Reg: $296.00 On Sale: $199.95
A Word from Gator Boards Wakeboards:
As Founder/ Owner/ Operator of GB sports, inc. (Commonly known as Gator Boards), it is my privilege and responsibility to speak on behalf of all those affiliated with our company, whether they be employees, business associates, or suppliers. I speak, therefore, on behalf of our entire organization when I say without equivocation GB sports, inc. is committed to excellence in all aspects of our business.

GB sports, inc. continues to develop a new paradigm for the water sports industry. That paradigm is based on putting customer service above all else. Our intent is to ensure each customer's experience with GB sports, inc. be nothing less than empowering. Our intent is energize and maximize each customer's passion for getting out and riding. At GB sports, inc., we are all about having fun. We live to ride and ride to live.

At GB sports, inc. our commitment to excellence necessarily includes a commitment to be acknowledged as the industry leader in water sports product development, testing, and manufacturing. Our products set the standard in the water sports business and are designed to perform beyond the expectations of our customers. For all those associated with GB sports, inc. the foundation of our commitment to excellence and the source of our passion are at once simple and powerful: GB sports, inc. is the Rider Owned and Operated Company in the water sports industry. As such, our mission is a worldwide team of committed, passionate riders through the on-going development and promotion of water sports on a global basis.
- Erik "Gator" Lutgert / Founder/ Owner/ Operator (Taken from www.gatorboards.com)

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