If you want to be the best in any product line, you have to be willing to innovate for your customers. Scott has been doing that in winter sports since 1958, when engineer and ski racer Ed Scott decided to ditch the bamboo and steel poles everyone else was using and created a tapered aluminum pole. Scott started the innovation and has grown it over several product lines, anywhere from ski equipment to mountain bikes and watersports, since. But they have maintained the reputation as a revolutionary and ski product technical leader as they have expanded. That's especially true for Scott’s line of goggles, starting with their creation of the first foam ventilated goggles in 1971 and continuing up until the company's debut of solar blocking technology in 2008, the same year the company opened its U.S. Headquarters in Sun Valley, Idaho. After its debut of the RAM Air ventilation and amplifier lens in 2000, Scott’s solar blocker technology has make significant advances in skiers' sight on the mountain. The new technology blocks out blue light with exceptional eye protection. On sunny days, it's what you want to have covering your eyes. That's why so many of the world's top competitors, including the Scott ski team, use the goggles in competition while the company also partners with ski guides, heli-ski companies and ski patrols. What all that means for the customer is that you get the best goggle possible with the best input from those who use them daily. That means that you know the goggles will fit properly with a variety of helmets and you know you will be purchasing a lens you can count on to keep out fogging and condensation while providing proper ventilation and using proprietary technology to produce the best possible goggles on the market. Scott’s OptiView lenses are a leader in the field, produced in Europe, and built to the specifications for those who rely on the goggles for anything from fun to their livelihood. Why wouldn't you want the best too? The answer is that you would, which is why Scott is most likely the brand for you.

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