Pure Fix Cycles have a variety of unique styles to choose from that will suit the individual needs of each and every bicycle aficionado. They offer many sizes, styles and colors so the cyclist can express his or her true self when riding down the open road to adventure. The fixed gear bicycle is one of the oldest and simplest types of bicycles in existence. Pure Fix Cycles take great pride in their craftsmanship of this classic style of bike. It's time to be the envy of all your cycling buddies and choosing a Pure Fix Cycle will have everyone's heads spinning to see who that hot rider is whizzing by. Top notch performance and high quality cycling is what Pure Fix has to offer.

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Reg: $19.00 On Sale: $16.95
Size: 58cm/22.75in
Reg: $349.00 On Sale: $299.95

Reg: $20.00 On Sale: $16.95
Reg: $20.00 On Sale: $12.95

Size: 700
Reg: $24.00 On Sale: $20.00