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Mistral produces windsurfing boards and stand up paddle boards that appeal to anyone who enjoy an active life style on the water. No matter if you're a windsurfer or just going out to for a paddle to enjoy the water and waves, there's something for just about anyone. Each and every product that they design has a strong emphasis on durability, style, maneuverability, and comfort - elements necessary for basically any discerning person. Definitely a brand that exudes an incredible sense of trust and reliability. Read More about Mistral

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About Mistral Windsurfing:
For almost three decades our technical experts have immersed themselves in the testing and developing of new materials and in the discovery of new material mixes that will lead to tough, highly tuned board constructions. In addition they have combined technologies in such ways that provide, for every area of use, the optimal synthesis of stiffness, weight and durability. Plus a guarantee of the highest production quality.

The real secret of our success lies in our team. Mistral's R&D department is critical to this. It is the melting pot for input from shaper Mark Nelson, fin designer Kai Hopf, chief tester Nik Baker and the test team as well as from Club Mistral.

Mark has been at the center of windsurfing board development for years and he is very well respected by Maui's best sailors. Kai, one of North Sails most successful sail designers, is also a magician with fins, putting his design knowledge to excellend use in our fin profiles. On a daily basis, our test team feeds them their test results, which are put straight into practive via the latest technology.

Once the boards enter series production, then Club Mistral is on the case. Nowhere else are our boards tested harder for longer. This ocncept in windsurfing gives us an exact and 100% feedback on all our developements.
Simple and Perfect.
(Taken from www.mistral.com)

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