Matix Jeans, Pants, Shorts & Hoodies

Matix clothing makes jeans, t-shirts, shorts, and accessories that are well designed and constructed for durability. This brand was created by a professional skater, so he knows what you need to have the best boarding experience possible. Best of all, this brand of clothing was made to meet the style and comfort needs for men of all ages. So, whether you are looking for clothes in the summer or for the winter, Matrix will help you skate comfortably and in style. Read More about Matix

Matix Clothing is your shop for Matix Clothing. We carry all Matix products including Matix Fleece, Matix Shirts, Matix Casual Jackets, Matix Jeans & Pants, Matix T-Shirts, Matix Hooded Sweatshirts / Hoodies, Matix Boardshorts, Matix Shorts and Matix Travel Bags.

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