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Freestyle watches started off with the needs of surfers in mind. Over the years, Freestyle has developed lines of watches designed for skaters, snowboarders, surfers, and all around adrenaline junkies. Get your freestyle on and rock a watch that matches your way of life.How many times have you been disappointed because your watch was crushed, frozen, rusted, or corroded? Grab one of these Freestyle watches and kiss all of your watch worries goodbye. Read More about Freestyle

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A Word from Freestyle USA:
25 years ago a couple of surfers turned a simple observation into a cultural icon. Nowhere could they find a watch that withstood the abusive conditions of their lifestyle and the damaging effects of saltwater and sand. Necessity being the mother of invention, Freestyle was born and with it an entirely new category. What began as a wrist wallet company quickly evolved to produce the first ever surf watchThe Shark.

For years the Shark dominated the surf industry, becoming the watch of choice for legendary surfers like Kelly Slater, Lisa Anderssen, Mark Foo, and Mike Stewart. With its reputation for durability and dependable water resistance, thousands of surfers worldwide stand by the Shark to this very day.

Freestyle has since evolved into a diverse collection of performance and lifestyle watches including athlete designed, signature timepieces. The evolution continues with the introduction of an eclectic collection ranging from the retro-influenced Capitan to the highly functional Tide 2.0.

Rooted in surf and founded on performance, Freestyle continues its 25 year legacy of enduring quality, durability, and style.
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