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ES Shoes have been known for their quality and durability since 1995. They have a solid team behind them whom they are constantly adding to, making them an extremely progressive company. In the last 16 years they have produced products that are extremely durable, handle well with time and come at a great price through The House Boardshop. Brands like ES tap into what our customers want and allow us to offer a lot of their products that will suit any style. Read More about ES

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Size: Adjustable
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About S Footwear:

Since 1995, S has been at the forefront of high-performance skateboarding, propelling the design of skate footwear and apparel into a highly athletic and technically advanced realm. Today, the S legacy of leadership continues with innovations embedded in the most stylish and technical skate shoes everall ridden by the best team in history. The S team is committed to delivering the best performing skate shoes to minimize the risk of injury and maximize skate time via advanced support, durability, cushioning and grip.

S Footwear set the standards for excellence in the footwear industry by creating and manufacturing shoes that are of innovative design, function and durability. Many of our shoes feature a high abrasion rubber outsole, reinforced stitching, multi-layered fabric in key areas, heavy padding, footbeds with removable arch supports and more. Our shoes are designed and tested by the top skateboarders in the world. We are dedicated to providing you with shoes that arent only stylish, but are also able to tolerate the abuse of skateboarding better than other shoes.

We here at S Footwear are very serious about the technical features of our shoes. From Support to Durability to Cushioning to Grip, weve got your feet covered in goodness.
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