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Electric Visual was launched on January 3rd of 2000 and has enlisted a revolutionary team of elite athletes. With all these different creative personalities, they totally get the get fresh flow. Then BOOM! The Noise frame came out. BOOM! The Flux frame came out. Boom, boom, boom, Electric has been firing on all cylinders ever since. With their superior goggles and sunglasses,The Electric Visual logo is fast becoming an icon. Good thing it's available on a range of gear like t-shirts, beanies, backpacks and socks. Make sure to check out the assortment of sunglasses, and after you get a pair make sure not to leave them on your car seat and sit on them. We hate to see grown-ups cry. Read More about Electric

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The Electric Visual Story:
Bruce Beach, Kip Arnette, and Mike Carter launched Electric Visual on January 3rd of 2000. After eight years building and branding for another eyewear company, Bruce and Kip head the expertise and motivation to hit restart. They enlisted Mike Carter to lead the marketing efforts, and the team was signed, sealed, and ready for delivery. The stage was set to start a visual evolution. Initially, the plan to go full boar was almost thwarted by a number of setbacks. Production delays (a scheduled May release turned into a late July release), numerous economical disasters including the burst of the stock market bubble, the EUs conversion to the Euro followed by its take over as a dominant currency, and of course, 9/11. All this taking place in the first 18 months of business.

With unforeseen setbacks and a shaky start, Electric pushed forward with even more intensity to establish them as a leader in the market. Electrics marketing foundation was becoming more established and soon was ready to enlist a truly revolutionary team of elite athletes. The formation of a team soon followed and seemed to be almost naturally tailored for the unrealistic landscape that lay ahead. Drawing off the different personalities of the team, design ideas started flowing. Frames, such as the Noise and Flux came out like rapid fire; on top of the first three releases. Add to that a December 2000 goggle, and the single line was becoming a double yellow with no left turn.

The next couple of years have seemed like a blur. Challenges overcome and a team roster that boasts the original four guys (Luke Egan, Mike Todd, Peter Line, Bam Margera) still on top of their gamea testament to both their skill and the unfathomable foresight of Electrics marketing. While we are welcoming new people on our team the same standards apply; that they possess a talent and have the drive that will ensure they too will be on the team roster five years from now. Carry on, my wayward son.
(Taken from www.electricvisual.com)

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