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Elan Snowboards have been manufactured in the Austrian Alps for over 20 year. There snowboards are by no means ordinary. They are the perfect brand to turn to for your snowboarding needs because they not only know quality and the importance of performance, but they also are determined to provide you with a best boards to meet your style and budget. Elan minimize their environment impact by adhering to the high European environmental management standards. Doing their part to keep the winters cold and the powder deep! Read More about Elan

Elan Snowboarding Gear

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About Elan Snowboards:
For over a decade, Elan Snowboards has been an industry leader. As the Worlds largest producer of high end snowboards, we produce decks since 1988. Year after year our products have been awarded by the worlds leading snowboard magazines.

Our research and development team is our best asset. Innovation, experience, and performance through years of industry-first designs has given us a unique perspective on snowboard design as an approach focused on the creation of decks that help those who ride them, ride better.

Real Tech. Real Style. Real Riders. Understanding the Elan Snowboards manifesto, the next step in our progression became clear: To create and establish the Elan Performance Lab. The P.Lab.

Engineers, riders, and 100 day-a-year snowboarders, who keep Elan at the forefront of snowboard design. A collective of: riders from the past, rich in riding experience developing tomorrows boards. A collective of: tomorrows riding future, that are seen in magazines and videos the world abroad. This is the P.Lab
(Taken from www.elansnowboards.com)

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