Creature Skateboards

Get on Creature Skateboards and get noticed. Skateboarders like to be noticed and get seen and the best way to accomplish this is by tearing up the skate parks and showing off all your mad skills. Get the eyes and attention you require on these boards. Both ride-tested and eye-approved, Creature Skateboards feature a wide selection of amazing graphics so you can pick out a deck that fits your personality with that obnoxious creeper vibe. Read More about Creature

Creature Boards

Skateboard Completes

Skateboard Completes

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Size: 8.1
Reg: $59.95 On Sale: $44.95
Size: 8
Reg: $99.95 On Sale: $79.95
Size: 8.375
Reg: $59.95 On Sale: $44.95
Size: 8.5
Reg: $59.95 On Sale: $54.95 is your shop for Creature Skateboard Gear. We carry all Creature products including Creature Skateboard Decks, Creature Skateboards - Complete, Creature Skateboard Wheels and Creature Skateboard Accessories.

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