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Connelly skis were first made back in 1965. They first sold water skis out of a garage in Lake city, Washington. With almost 50 year experience Connelly has learned a thing or two about performance and durability. Connelly skis and inflatables are made from the best materials available to ensure tons of fun on the water. Connelly offers a variety of inflatables and skis that are all held to the highest quality standards. Connelly's focus on customer satisfaction and building quality products make them a great choice for water bound fun.

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Wakeboard Accessories

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Size: 67in/Adjustable, 69in/Adjustable
Reg: $490.00 On Sale: $342.95
Size: 68in - X-Large (12-13)
Reg: $510.00 On Sale: $409.95
Size: 70in/L/XL
Reg: $490.00 On Sale: $342.95
Size: 70in - X-Large (12-13)
Reg: $510.00 On Sale: $409.95
Size: 68in/L/XL
Reg: $490.00 On Sale: $342.95
Size: 12ft 6in
Reg: $1500.00 On Sale: $1399.95
Reg: $239.95 On Sale: $143.95
Reg: $162.99 On Sale: $113.95
Size: 12ft
Reg: $1100.00 On Sale: $899.95
A word from Connelly Waterskis:
"In 1965 Connelly started selling wood skis out of a garage in Lake City, Washington. The goal was simple: To be the leader in quality products, innovation and customer satisfaction. For 43 years that has been the focus at Connelly Skis, Inc. We are proud to have invented many world first designs that are now standard in the industry. C.A.P.T. top water skis, shaped skis and Hinge Tech slalom bindings are just a few examples of products that we designed and produced before anyone else. Passion for the sport leads to innovation. Combine that passion with the experience and expertise of the hands that touch each slalom and jump ski that leave the Connelly factory and you have something very special. We take pride in our company and we stand behind our mission as we accomplish it every day, every year."

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