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Alien Workshop skateboard where first made in 1990 when Chris Carter and Mike Hill decided to do their own thing in their own way. That meant starting a skateboarding company way off in Dayton, Ohio, far away from the California skateboard scene. Twenty years on and the two founders still believe in a hands-on approach. You'll find that Alien Workshops skateboard decks, wheels, t-shirts and hoodies are instantly recognizable for a sort of visual bipolar, futuristic, paranoiac-struggle vibe. That's a far cry from California dreaming'. Alien Workshop is represented on the street by a team of elite riders. Rob Drydek, Anthony Van Engelen, Grant Taylor and Steve Berra are just some of the names pushing the boundaries of skateboard innovation. Read More about "Alien Workshop"

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About Alien Workshop:
The Alien Workshop skateboard company was formed in early autumn of 1990 in Dayton Ohio. It's intent from the beginning has been to create a skateboard company singular to it's self. Along with their pro team, Alien Workshop Skateboards is continually advancing their technology and adding to their line of top-quality skateboard decks.
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