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Adidas skate shoes and clothing brings out the inner skater in you. "The brand with the three stripes" has been around for over 80 years, and throughout them all, adidas has continued to deliver in their product's quality, comfort, and style. They offer a great variety of shoes that will look great with all your clothes, keep your feet comfortable, and meet your budget. adidas has a vast array of kicks so you can find the perfect pair you were born to wear. They also offer a great selection on shirts, polo's, and hoodies, so you can look and feel great wherever you go. Read More about Adidas

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The Adidas Story:
Adidas has a clear mission to be the leading sports brand in the world. To accomplish this mission, the organization at adidas is segmented to meet the needs of distinct groups of sport-oriented consumers. Our product and marketing initiatives primarily focus on key global sports categories and on the sports lifestyle market. The adidas brand attitude Impossible is nothing drives all our brand communication initiatives and helps us strengthen the adidas brands bond with the consumer. With our broad but selective distribution approach and our pricing strategy, we clearly position adidas as a premium brand in all markets.

The Adidas skate shoe line line started off with the Stan Smith Shoe. Designed in 1965, the Stan Smith was the first ever all leather tennis shoe. Originally endorsed by Robert Haillet, it was renamed after tennis great Stan Smith, becoming one of the best selling shoes of all time, selling well over 30 million pairs.

Thanks to the lightweight yet durable upper and an outsole with amazing board feel, the Stan Smith quickly found its way onto the feet of many a skateboarder. It was especially crucial for those looking for a clean and simple shoe that got the job done without any unnecessary frill.

Then came the Adidas Superstar. Introduced in 1970, the Superstar was the first all leather basketball shoe. By the mid 1970's, 3/4 of all NBA players were wearing the Superstar and its scalloped rubber toe cap - dubbed the "Shelltoe" - soon became ubiquitous. With the rise of hip hop culture in the mid 1980's, the Superstar moved from the court to the street, celebrated most famously in Run DMC's 1986 tribute "My Adidas."

Skateboarders started gravitating towards Superstars in the early 90's due to the natural abrasion resistant properties of the Shelltoe. Soon the iconic sneaker was found coast to coast, everywhere from Pulaski and Love Park in the East to EMB in the West.
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