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If you're just developing an interest in BMX riding, or you'd like to introduce your child to the exciting, fun world of BMX biking, you won't find many beginner bikes better than those offered by Academy BMX products. That's because since their beginning in 2011, this visionary Australian company has been dedicated to building BMX bikes with the specific intent of meeting the needs of beginning riders so that they can get a foothold in this exciting sport. Academy knows beginning riders really are starting from scratch, so they keep their bikes simple, easy to learn on, and durable. Each bike features the ability to take a real beating, as any BMX bike should, and is engineered with the knowledge that in the case of beginners, that beating is sometimes going to be inflicted by mistakes and mishaps, as well as the rigors of BMX riding itself. Featuring Academy pro alloy tubes and strong steel alloy forks, along with super strong and lightweight alloy wheels, Academy bikes will survive whatever they encounter over and over again. Of course, a bike is more than just its frame and wheels, and Academy proves they know what they're doing when it comes to the crucial other parts that make a beginning BMX bike great. The comfortable seats will keep any new rider comfortable, and just as the handlebars do, the seating position works hand-in-hand with the frame to provide further comfort and ideal rider positioning. The mechanics of Academy BMX bikes are just as good, and just as reliable, thanks to Academy's use of only the finest, strongest, and best cranks, pedals, sprockets, and grips to make any beginner's first BMX experience a good one.

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  • 20in/20.4in Top Tube
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