This is about skateboarding. All we want is to make quality shoes for you to skate in that don't cost you an arm and a leg. We've come a long way and we're still learning but like they say, if you want something done right do it yourself. Thanks for the support and keep skateboarding pure. - 88
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88 Footwear:
Founded by the famous skateboarder Kris Markovich and skateboard photographer Ed Dominick, 88 Footwear was created in memory of its founders’ best year: 1988. Alias Distribution funded this brand in 2002. The intent of 88 Footwear was to provide skateboarders quality shoes that were completely different versus what most other competitive brands offered. Instead of producing wild and loud shoes, 88 Footwear aimed to be simplistic and basic in design with sole focus on function.

With strong emphasis on quality rather than picturesque appeal, 88 Footwear pushed to part from the skateboarder’s typical skate shoe. Through straying from what customers would expect their personal skate shoes to look like, 88 Footwear entered a realm most weren't accustomed to. After three years in the market, Alias Distribution stopped funding the brand due to unsuccessful projected returns.

The team behind 88 Footwear included popular skaters like Neil Bender, Don Nguyen, Peter Hewitt and Corey Duffel. These determined skaters helped develop the brand and contribute to pure skateboarding lifestyle. Although this skateboarding footwear brand is no longer being manufactured, hope isn’t lost! 88 Footwear re-launched as Vox Footwear in 2005 and is currently based in Vista, California.