24/7 Twenty Four/Seven Snowboards

24/7 Snowboard are unique in that every season that goes by, their snowboards only get better. With affordable prices, 24/7 snowboards are built to preform without breaking the bank. Equipped with rock solid technical features, all 24/7 snowboards will open new doors by offering entry level snowboards at rock bottom prices. Read More about 24/7

24/7 Snowboard Gear

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Size: 155cm
Reg: $279.95 On Sale: $159.95
Size: 155cm, 159cm
Reg: $299.95 On Sale: $159.95
Size: 151cm
Reg: $269.95 On Sale: $159.95
About 24/7 Snowboards:
Another season gone, a new one arises. 24/7 Snowboards looks ahead to an exciting new season. As the industry continues to evolve, 24/7 is positioning itself amongst the leading brands, with one central difference setting it apart, price. We here at 24/7 don't think that the end user should be the ones footing the bill for progress made in the industry. We offer similar technical features to the industry leaders, but we leave you enough in your pocket for lift tickets. We understand and support your goal, to do your best to get at it, on the hill, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

24/7's board line up has brand new shapes, designed by industry veterans, to help enable you to maximize your potential on the hill. We emply new UV lacquered top sheets to help finish the look and protect the exciting new graphics. For this reason, we include women's specific models and kid's boards in our lineup. 24/7 boots and bindings are built to withstand the abuse you intend to put them through. Our boot/binding program ensures that you willl have the support you require in the deep, in the park, or hitting kickers. Specifically designed to reduce shock from impact, our boots and bindings will hold you in place and help reduce the stress you put on your body through. The heel gel, shock absorption system and extra padded inner sole of the boot won't pack our even when your knees finally do.

When you check out the new line up and decide on which board to buy, be sure to ask the shop employee which boards are best value for the dollar. If they point you to a $700 board over one of ours, ask them to explain why you are paying twice the price for one of those boards...We hope you understand.
(Taken from www.247snowboards.com)

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