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The-House.com has the hottest selection of DVS T-Shirts online. DVS T-Shirts feature the classic T-shirt design with awesome graphic designs and logos to suit the wide range of personalities belonging to DVS's epic fans! We'll ship out your new DVS T-Shirts within 24 hours of purchase, Monday-Friday.

DVS T-Shirts

Size: Small, Medium
Reg: $18.95 On Sale: $10.95
Size: Small
Reg: $18.95 On Sale: $10.95
A word from DVS Shoes:
In some way, shape or form everything has an intent or purpose. Skateboarding in itself has always been about, well...skateboarding. It was never intended to be accepted or confined to the standard limits of everyday society. It is what defines and keeps us going each and every day.

Through tradition, skateboarders have always paid respect to the legends which have inspired us from an early age. With the legacy of past riders and faces of new, the DVS Original Intent program has been created to cultivate skateboarding. It's culture which creates a forum for passion, integrity, and friendship which last a lifetime.

Influenced by the personalities and styles of each rider, the brand has been built around the DVS team. This program is developed to fit the individual needs of skateboarders, while emphasizing form and function. Original Intent encompasses product specifically intended for skateboarding. Building skate specific footwear and apparel for our family or riders and skateboarders worldwide is how DVS holds true to the skateboard tradition.
(Taken from www.dvsskate.com)

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