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Burton teamed up with Mountain Dew to create sustainable fabrics out of recycled plastic bottles and implementing this material into select products within the Burton outerwear and apparel lines. Launching the program with a hand-crafted line of t-shirts made from 50% recycled plastic bottles and 50% organic cotton, the Burton recycle Mountain Dew project is part of Burton’s Green Mountain Project (a line of products created with an eco-influence). Some modest art on a pop background, the Flake t-shirt is our favorite! The fabric is buttery soft…

While the Green Mountain Project (GMP) has been around for several years now, 2012/13 is the first season that Burton has teamed up Mountain Dew to bolster the program. This first collection of t-shirts is only the beginning for what Burton and Mountain Dew have planned when it comes to integrating recycled plastic bottles into fabric. The brands will continue to increase the number of styles that use this sustainable fabric. With outerwear being the next key focus, expect to see some sick new styles integrated into the existing Burton line.

We’ve all slammed our share of soda. But the downside of carbonated consumption is all the empties. Our fabric taps the reclaimed pile of plastic spinning yarns that are woven into the fabrics that make the Burton GMP outerwear collection.

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