What is Forward Lean on Snowboard Bindings?

Forward lean is the amount of “forward angle” on a binding highback; the more forward lean, the further forward your calves are pushed, which makes you bend at the knees and adds power and precision to heelside turns. Standard strap snowboard bindings feature a mechanism on the back of the highback for adjusting forward lean. It’s okay to run at ‘0’ if that’s where you’re most comfortable and heelside turns aren’t a problem; forward lean isn’t for everyone.

An example of the Flux Premium Binding’s forward lean mechanism

A little goes a long way, so experiment with micro adjustments, starting at ‘0’ and go up from there. Give it a couple runs—if you are being forced by the highbacks to bend too much at the knees and feel off balance, reduce the amount of forward lean. If you can’t seem to carve a tight heelside turn and need some help riding in a more athletic stance, ratchet it up a notch or two. Everyone’s comfort zone with forward lean is different, so take the time to dial it in to best fit your riding style. -MH

An example of one of Burton’s forward lean adjustment mechanism’s on the Burton P1 Bindings

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