Tyler Anderson

DOB:  3/9/1989

Hometown:  Chanhassen, MN

Resort:  Hyland Hills & Afton Alps

Stance:  Regular

Boards:  155cm Burton Process (Camber)

Bindings:  Burton Cartels

Boots:  Thirtytwo

Outerwear:  Thirtytwo & Candygrind

Goggles:  Smith

Sponsors:  The House, Smith, Candygrind & Thirtytwo.

Why do you snowboard?  Soooo much fun being creative, putting your own style into your riding. The thrill and always pushing yourself to the next level. Plus there is nothing better than bombing mountains with your friends.

Snowboard Icon:  Terje

First Trick:  Tindy

Last Trick:  Switch Back Dub Rodeo

Gnarliest Spot:  I tried this massive down flat down at the Edina High School. Wasn’t prepared came off early and slammed my head on the stairs. KO.  Backcountry in Vail gets gnarly and summer riding at Mt. Hood gets pretty gnarly.

First Memory:  When I was 13, I went and watched the Olympics in Salt Lake in 2002. Ross Powers, sending a 20ft method, changed everything for me. They called me big bird cruising down with my massive yellow jacket. It was one of my first years riding, but that is when I started realizing how much I loved it.

Last Love:  iPhone

Favorite Coach:  Matt Guf

Favorite Book:  Books?

Favorite Video:  Derelictica

Favorite Website:  the-house.com, the berrics, twsnow, & snowboardermag

Hero/Heroine:  My Grandfather is my hero. So encouraging and supportive in everything I did. The nicest man I’ve ever met, and I know he’s always there riding with me.

Inspirations:  My parents and sister. Always keeping it positive and so much support. They just want me to do what I love and do the best I can.