Shane McNally

Hometown: Eagan, Minnesota

Resort: Hyland Hills, Buck Hill, Spirit Mountain

Skis: 2014 Armada THalls

Bindings: Look Pivots

Boots: Full Tilt Booters

Outerwear: Armada

Goggles: Smith Stance

Sponsors: The House Boardshop

Why do you ski? I dig having fun, and skiing is fun. Spending time with my friends, competing, meeting other shredders, pushing myself, and being able to express myself in my own way.

First Trick: Lui Kang grab

Last Trick: Rodeo 5

Gnarliest Spot: Rosemount Middle School – 60 ft. down rail

Favorite Book: The Monster at the end of this Book Starring lovable, furry old Grover

Favorite Video: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Favorite Website:

Hero/Heroine: My pops

Inspirations: My dad, and all of my friends.