Paisley Flowers

DOB: May 31, 2008
Hometown: Roslyn, WA
Resort: Summit at Snoqualmie
Stance: Goofy
Boards: Origin Pulse 95cm/Burton Chicklet 90cm
Bindings: Burton Grom
Boots: Burton Grom Snowboard Boot
Outerwear: Burton/Obermeyer
Goggles: Anon from The Burton Mountain Festival @ Mt. Hood
Sponsors: The House Boardshop
Why do you snowboard? I just love it!
Snowboard Icon: My Papa
First Trick: Jump
Last Trick: Frontside Butter 180
Gnarliest Spot: Gnarly BX course at Ski Bluewood
Favorite Book: Baking Cook Book
Favorite Video: Wild hearts can’t be broken
Favorite Website: Whats a that?!
Hero/Heroine: Papa
Inspirations: Seth Wright, Kaitlyn Adams