Corey Millett

Name: Corey Millett

DOB: 12/22/1994

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota

Spot: Woodbury Skate Park

Stance: Goofy

Board: Baker Deathwish 8.38

Trucks:  Independent 149

Wheels: Deathwish

Bearings: Bones

Hardware: Shorty’s

Shoes: Emerica

Sponsors: Emerica, Neff, The-House Boardshop

Why do you skate?  I have been skateboarding since I was eight and it’s impossible to quit.

Skate Icon: Wade Desarmo

First Trick: Ollie or something

Last Trick: Nollie Heel

Gnarliest Spot: Any big rail

First Memory: Don’t remember

Last Love: Taco House

Favorite Book: American Desperado – Jon Roberts & Evan Wright

Favorite Video: Yeah Right

Favorite Website: YouTube

Hero/Heroine: Parents

Inspirations: Skateboarding